This Is Your Golden Ticket To Fluent English

This course will develop your speaking skills in a fun way so that you can face the examiner with confidence and ace the IELTS Speaking test.

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Fluent English makes your dreams come true…


It’s Keith O’Hare here. You may already know me from my YouTube videos, or my helpful emails. 

I’ve been teaching English for 20+ years and I’ve now used ALL my experience and knowledge to create my latest and best course – the IELTS Speaking GOLD Course.

I created it for ambitious people like you. Those who want to ace the IELTS speaking exam and achieve band 7 or higher.

As I’m sure you know, that’s an important and valuable achievement. Band 7 is the minimum requirement for entry into many university courses in English-speaking countries. It can also be crucial to your chances of getting a visa – and that new job and life you dream about in an English-speaking country.

This course is about your future. It’s an investment that gives you the life you want and deserve.   

Here are just some of the things you’ll find in the course:


A comprehensive learning process – to improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation step-by-step


Hours of clear and helpful English video lessons, which build your confidence and help you speak English more like a native


An exclusive student community – to get support, inspiration and advice from fellow learners around the world


Live group lessons with me – so you study the latest IELTS topics, stay motivated, and get real-time help with anything you’re struggling with


A library of downloadable resources – so you have templates, PDFs, model answers, essential vocabulary chunks, and more ready whenever you need them


Exclusive audio content – to reinforce what you’ve learned through immersive spoken English


Daily speaking practice sessions – to test and practise your spoken English with other students of all levels. (These sessions are not moderated by a teacher).


My insider exam tips and secrets – so you know exactly how to impress the IELTS examiners

And when you buy this course you get lifetime access. You can go through the lessons, and use all the resources, whenever you like and for as long as you want.

Welcome to Your IELTS Game-Changer: The Speaking Success System!

Are you ready to improve your IELTS speaking? Let me introduce you to our “Speaking Success System.” It’s a simple 4-step method that will help you speak English better. Here’s how it works:


First, you'll try answering some typical IELTS questions. It's like a warm-up to see where you are.


Next, you'll watch how proficient speakers answer these questions. You'll learn a lot by seeing how they do it.


Now, it's your turn to practice the words and grammar that you saw. Think of it as training your English muscles.


Finally, try answering the questions again. This time, use the new words and ideas you've learnt. It's about feeling more confident with your English.

YOU start with this system when you join our GOLD course. It’s a great way to get ready for your IELTS speaking test!

My English teaching qualifications and experience

If you’re serious about improving your English, then I’m sure this course sounds good to you. 

But you may ask yourself – how do I know that Keith will teach me properly? Can I trust him?

These are good questions! When it comes to language tuition, you shouldn’t buy from anyone until you know they are capable and experienced.

So, here’s a brief description of my background:

Many know me as the ‘IELTS Speaking guy’ on YouTube, as I post free videos there regularly. 

But I’ve saved the best stuff for this course – and poured in all my experience and capability. After twenty years of helping people like you to become fluent in English, I know exactly how to get my students to IELTS band 7 – and beyond! 

So, please be assured that when you choose the IELTS Speaking GOLD Course, you’re buying something that works. 

I’m so confident it will help you, that I offer you a 30-day guarantee. If you buy it and don’t like it – or don’t think it will help you – then I’ll give you ALL your money back. No questions asked. 

So, you really can’t lose.

The IELTS Speaking GOLD Course is your proven route to band 7 success

I believe this is the most comprehensive and effective English speaking course you can buy.  And, it’s one of the ONLY IELTS courses available that concentrates just on spoken skills, rather than all skills.    

That’s because it’s tough to learn how to speak English fluently – It’s probably the most difficult skill to master. So, every single part of this course is there to help you build speaking confidence, overcome problems in that area, and improve your spoken English.  

Buy now and you pay just $147, rather than $197


30-day money-back guarantee. Get a FULL refund if you’re not 100% satisfied.

IELTS Speaking GOLD Course – What’s Inside

This is a comprehensive, structured course that guides you through every aspect of spoken English and takes you to the level required to attain IELTS band 7. Course features include: 


Video Lessons


Private Facebook Group


Live Lessons


Live Lesson Library


Large Range Of IELTS Topics


Insider Secrets Masterclass Videos


Downloadable Knowledge Collection

Buy the course today and you ALSO get the following bonuses

Worth $57 – free!

This is a comprehensive, structured course that guides you through every aspect of spoken English and takes you to the level required to attain IELTS band 7. Course features include: 


Daily Practice Sessions With Other Students


Audio Mini-Novel


Live Zoom Sessions With Keith

Buy now and you pay just $147, rather than $197


That’s a $50 discount. And you get $57 of bonus material – FREE! 

This is your chance to become a confident and fluent English speaker and finally get to IELTS band 7.

30-day money-back guarantee. Get a FULL refund if you’re not 100% satisfied.

Join Our Speaking Practice Breakout Rooms: Talk with Students from Around the World

After learning a lot of new words, phrases, and answers to IELTS questions, you’ll need to practice speaking English. That’s where our “Speaking Practice Breakout Rooms” come in. They are like online meeting places where you can practice English. Here’s what you’ll find:

Meet Students from Everywhere:

You'll talk with other students from many countries. It's a great chance to use your English in real conversations.

Sessions Every Day:

We have these speaking sessions every day, at different times. So, you can always find a time that works for you.

New People to Talk to:

Every 20 minutes, you'll meet new people in the sessions, and each session has a maximum of 3 people. It's a fun way to hear different ways of speaking English.

Talk about Interesting Topics:

Each session has a topic to talk about and questions to practice. It’s a chance to try out your English in a relaxed way, without teachers.

Jump into these rooms and you’ll soon feel more comfortable speaking English. It’s not only about doing well in IELTS, but also about making friends and enjoying speaking English!

But Keith, do I really need this course?

Surely there are other ways to learn spoken English?

Of course! There are lots of ways you can learn to speak English.  

But what are they? And do they work?

Use an app like Duolingo

You could try this – and they’re free! But the problem with language apps is they use repetitive exercises to build vocabulary, but don’t properly teach you how to put it all together in spoken English. So, they never give you true spoken English mastery. My course goes so much further, through an immersive, interactive learning experience that an app can’t match.

Watch English study videos online

Another free option – and there are loads to choose from. Including many with me! But these videos are random pieces of advice – they don’t follow a structure. My course, in contrast, follows a precise, carefully-planned structure designed to keep building on what you know until you achieve English fluency.

Buy another course

There are many IELTS courses out there and some are cheaper than mine. But please be careful, as people often come to me saying they bought a course that turned out to be useless – as it was boring, incomplete, or hard to follow. And sometimes all three! I’ve put 20+ years of English teaching experience into my own course and have listened carefully to people like you to ensure it’s effective, easy to follow, and gives you everything you need for IELTS speaking success.

Go to a local class

I’m sure there are English classes in your town or city, but these may not be taught by a native English speaker – or by someone who has the necessary skills and experience to help you achieve fluency in English for IELTS. You’ll also be limited to a fixed schedule and location. With my course, you get lifetime access and can use it whenever and wherever you like. 

Take online lessons with a native-English speaking tutor

You could do this – there are lots of excellent tutors out there. But how much will it cost? Probably $35 an hour – or more. How much would you have to pay before you get to the level you need? 10 hours? 15 hours? More? For less than the cost of three hours of tuition – you get access to my whole course, including two live lessons and two Zoom sessions with me, for the rest of your life! No tutor in the world can teach you more in three hours than you’ll get in this course, which is equivalent to around two to three months of study time.

And none of the above options are 100% focussed on the IELTS speaking exam. My course is – I’ve developed it specifically and solely to help you achieve IELTS band 7 in spoken English. If that’s what you want to get to and you haven’t made it there yet (maybe you’re stuck on 6 or 6.5) then this is the course for you.

To remind you, here’s what you get when you pay just $147 for the IELTS Speaking GOLD Course:


A comprehensive, structured course

That guides you through every aspect of spoken English mastery and takes you to the level required to attain IELTS band 7.


11 hours of practice videos

With model answers and strategies, to give you the confidence you need to ace the IELTS speaking exam. 


Access to an exclusive, private Facebook group

ONLY for course students and alumni, where you can meet people from across the world and share experiences and questions.


Two interactive live lessons every month with me

Hosted in the private Facebook group. This is real-time teaching – and you can ask me any questions you like. This helps you stay engaged and motivated and means you never have to struggle with something you don’t understand, as I’m there to help you. Each lesson is turned into a PDF for your review.


Live lesson library

Where you can find and review all live lesson recordings and PDFs.


100+ common IELTS topics

With model vocabulary, sample answers, and quizzes to track progress.


Strategy and tips masterclass videos

Where I reveal the insider secrets of how to achieve band 7 or higher in the IELTS speaking exam.


50+ downloadable templates and PDFs

So you build up your own library of IELTS information that you can access whenever and wherever you like.

You ALSO get these free bonuses – worth $57:


Real-time, private breakout rooms

You can practise and perfect your English with other course students from around the world. Sessions are available every day – with four people maximum – and you can join as many as you like. 


An audio mini-novel

This immerses you in spoken English and helps you remember what you’ve learnt.


Two live monthly Zoom sessions with me

Your chance to speak with me directly, ask questions, and break into small groups to practise recent lessons, before covering common mistakes and vocabulary issues.

Are you ready to join these ambitious students on the path to English fluency?

Regular Price: $197. Special offer price: $147

To secure your place on this course, including nearly $60 of bonus content, simply click below:

30-day money-back guarantee. Get a FULL refund if you’re not 100% satisfied.

The IELTS Speaking GOLD Course gives you the skills and knowledge you need to realise your dream of IELTS band 7

The proven techniques and methods in this course are your ticket to English fluency, through interactive live lessons, global community support, and daily speaking practice. It gives you everything you need to achieve IELTS success and conversational mastery.

The IELTS Speaking GOLD Course is transforming lives and opening doors for people across the world

Here’s what just a few happy buyers say about this course:

Are you ready to join these ambitious students on the path to English fluency?

Regular Price: $197. Special offer price: $147

To secure your place on this course, including nearly $60 of bonus content, simply click below:

30-day money-back guarantee. Get a FULL refund if you’re not 100% satisfied.


Onetime Charge of $197 $147

Instant access. No hidden fees. No risk. Thirty-day money-back guarantee.


Lifetime Access

You can repeat the course, access the content, and take live lessons whenever and as often as you want.


Limited-Time Discount

Buy today for a special discount on regular pricing.

Try The IELTS Speaking GOLD Course risk-free for 30 days.

You are protected by my 30-day money-back guarantee. 

If at any point in the 30 days after you’ve bought the course, you don’t think it’s worth the money  – then I’ll refund you in full. No questions asked.

Do you still have questions? Here are the answers to some common queries:

It’s for anyone who wants to achieve band 7 and higher in the IELTS speaking exam. So, you may be a student who wants to study at an English-speaking university. Or, you may need to ace your IELTS speaking exam to fulfil your dream of living and working in an English-speaking country. 

This course is aimed at intermediate-level students. But even students at a higher level have taken the course to further improve their spoken English.

As long as you want! Most students take between two and three months to complete it, but there’s no time limit. There’s a day-by-day guide in the course on how long to spend on each section, but it’s just for information – you go through it at your own pace. 

The rest of your life. You can access all the materials – and take part in the live lessons and breakout rooms – whenever you like and for as long as you want. Many students continue to use the course long after they’ve passed their IELTS exam, as it helps them keep improving their English. 

I’m a big believer in helping everyone to improve their spoken English, which is why I’ve posted so many videos on YouTube. But these are random tips and pieces of advice. The course is for those who are determined to reach IELTS band 7, so it follows a tight, but easy to follow structure to help you achieve that. 

95% of the course videos do NOT appear on YouTube. Also, you get access to the GOLD live lessons, breakout rooms, templates, mini-book and lots more that’s ONLY available through the course. 

Yes, a simple and strong one. If you don’t like the course, I’ll refund all your money – no questions asked. You just need to send an email within 30 days to [email protected]. You don’t have to give a reason – just tell me you want your money back.

Yes, you can download and print anything in PDF format.

Yes. Although I charge in US dollars, you can pay by credit/debit card and your bank will convert this into your own currency for you.

Please email me – [email protected] – and I’ll answer them.

I guess I’ve said nearly all I can. But let me ask you something:

Where do you want your life to take you?

Somewhere you’ve always wanted to be, I imagine. 

On that English-speaking university course, which you and your parents have set your heart on…

In that job in an English-speaking country, so you can properly provide for your family…

Or safe and happy with your visa in the UK, Australia, the US, or somewhere else in the English-speaking world – with all the prospects and amazing opportunities that come with it…

Fluency in English can help you achieve all these things – and more. But you must have the proper tuition to be able to master this difficult language and speak it properly.
Even if you can read and write English well, speaking it can be so hard. You may stumble over your words, struggle with pronunciation, misunderstand what others are saying, or get so nervous that you can’t say what you mean.

It’s tough, I get it! But that’s why I created the IELTS Speaking GOLD Course  – to help people like you overcome their problems and frustrations and finally achieve fluency in English.

This course contains everything – the step-by-step video lessons, PDFs and templates, quizzes and model answers, live lessons and practice sessions, all combine to give you the best possible route to IELTS band 7.
I won’t pretend it’s easy. It takes time and dedication. But I’ve broken the process down into simple, achievable steps that anyone can follow. Before you know it, you’ll unlock abilities you never thought possible.

Don’t put your dreams on hold any longer. Now’s the time to invest in yourself and your future. I can’t take this journey for you, but I can give you what you need to complete it.

You just have to take that first step. Join me today and together we’ll reach your destination of English fluency sooner than you dared hope.

Imagine finally experiencing the joy and satisfaction of fluent English. This course makes it possible.

With a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose – and everything to gain.  

Get lifetime access to the IELTS Speaking GOLD Course today for the special price of just $147 – saving you $47 (normal price $197).

You ALSO get that incredible bonus bundle – the two monthly Zoom sessions, the audio mini-novel, and the breakout chat rooms (total worth $57) – FREE.

Please don’t delay. Hit the link below right now – and start your journey to English fluency.

30-day money-back guarantee. Get a FULL refund if you’re not 100% satisfied.

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