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Free Resources for IELTS Speaking

Get links to the best Podcasts and Videos on the Internet that will help you prepare for IELTS.

Useful IELTS Websites

With some many IELTS websites on the Internet, it is hard to know which offer reliable and good quality information, as well as opportunities to develop the skills you need for IELTS.

Here are the official websites from the owners of IELTS:

Cambridge English


British Council 

Below are other websites to help you prepare and that I think are good and a useful reference for all students.

There may be more, but of those I have seen, these have stood out as being very good.

Useful Podcasts

Podcasts can be useful for 

  • Developing listening skills 
  • Getting Ideas
  • Learning new vocabulary in context 
  • Listening to natural English 
  • Getting a language model to help you improve your speaking skills (repeating, substituting, shadowing, etc…) 

These are some of the most useful podcasts that I recommend for IELTS students

The first 3 are from BBC Radio 4

Start The Week 

A great show that has lots of cultural and topical issues being discussed.

Start the Week – Downloads – BBC Radio 4

The Digital Human 

If you are into technology and want an accessible, down to earth look at how it is affecting our lives, this is the show for you. 

BBC Radio 4 – The Digital Human

Friday Night Comedy

This is a weekly comedy based on the news of the past week. 

BBC Radio 4 – Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4


Luke’s English Podcast 

This has some great lessons on English language and culture, as well as many conversations on topical issues.

Rock ‘n’ Roll English 

Great podcasts hosted by Martin to learn real and natural English, the way native Brits speak.

Podcasts In English 

This flexible site has some nice, easy-to-listen to conversations for all levels.

ESL Culips 

This excellent site has a great variety of podcasts including simplified speech, natural conversations and catch words to learn more idioms.

Happy English

Slow English

6 minute English

British Council

Where to practice speaking


Connects students around the world with professional teachers or informal tutors, and also provides a nice community to give tips and ideas to support your language learning


Find a native speaker teacher online, so you can study any time and any place. Free online courses also available to help your study.

Conversation exchange 

A good site that allows you to practice another language in different ways. You can find someone in your area with whom you can practice, you can meet up on Skype or Google Hangouts, or you can find a penpal.

Websites about Life in the U.K.

UK Life and Culture 

Information about living and visiting places in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Cultural guide to what’s on and what to do in the main cities in the U.K.

Help you choose a university and guide you through the tricky maze of living and studying in the UK.

Understand the local dialect and language used by locals in the city where you choose to live. Nice for English language buffs (fans)!

Looking for a job internationally? Jooble is an international job search engine operating in over 71 countries around the world. Find your next job with Jooble here


Job search in the UK

Study in the U.K.

Study UK

Run by the British Council, this is one of the leading sources to find out about living and studying in the UK.



This is the national advisory body aiming to support and serve international students. All UK universities are a member. For international students it has very useful information on visas, preparation and living in the UK.


The Complete University Guide

Find out about every university in the UK. There are league tables and information about courses, fees, studying and living in the UK, especially aimed at International students.


The Student Times

A newspaper written by students for all university students in the UK particularly covering, entertainment, travel and lifestyle in the UK.



For Spanish Students / Para estudiantes españoles 


Edukonexion te ayuda a alcanzar tu sueño de estudiar en el Reino Unido


For Vietnamese Students / Dành cho sinh viên việt nam

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